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​​West Virginia’s, Local Talent Thomas Taylor a twenty seven year old and his band
“The Thomas Taylor Band” is living proof that raw talent, ambition and honesty can still prevail in an ailing music industry. What else would explain a blossoming career that has set Thomas and his band at the top for one of the best classic traditional country acts…

Being inspired by Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Sr , Merle Haggard, George Jones and Johnny Horton and many more . Singer, songwriter and guitarist Thomas Taylor and his band has helped to define the landscape of bringing back the classic traditional country music scene. In late 2016, The Thomas Taylor Band was formed. Songwriter, Vocalist, Lead and Rhythm Guitarist Thomas Taylor, Pedal Steel, Lead and Rhythm Guitarist Don Drummer, Bassist Jason Hart and Songwriter, Producer , Engineer ,Manager, Drummer Merlin Durham creates unique sound that is welcoming  to listeners.

By aligning their unwavering dedication and hard work ethic, performing in the local clubs in their home state of West Virginia and bordering states had opened up doors for huge opportunity. Now with there first album “West Virginia Bound” in mid 2017 Thomas Taylor and his band landed a seven segment show on Virginia Dreams Center Stage RFD Tv in Harrisonburg Virginia along with 4segments on Waking Up with Bethany Reese on WVVA  Bluefield West Virginia. Making there mark, hitting the Festival Circuit in full swing on April the 28th 2018 playing in front of 37,000 attendance The Thomas Taylor Band took the stage at the Dogwood Arts Festival, Market Square Knoxville Tennessee, June the 7th 2018 Being the Headliner for 6,000 at the Ronceverte River Festival opening day, on June 9th 2018 The Thomas Taylor Band was in North East Pennsylvania, Gibson Park for the Gibson Days Festival 2,000 attendance, June 16th 2018 Mountain Heritage Festival Ansted West Virginia 1,000 attendance. Working Closely with Merlin RMD LLC management,Sam Watkins and the team of SWC “Sam Watkins Country”, ITNS Radio, iHeart Radio, Spotify, The Thomas Taylor Band is looking at a four month tour starting at the first of October 2018.    

The Thomas Taylor Band  lyrics express the trials and joys of life and common experiences that communicate to both struggling and thriving. And the melodies reveal compelling themes that connect the audience with the music—fulfilling the most important goal. Music is for people experiencing life. With powerful train shuffles and strong lyrics these boys will rock the house down…

​Welcome  To

  • West Virginia Bound 2:34
  • My Heart Breaks When I See You With Him 3:40
  • I Can See The Writing On The Wall 2:24
  • Walking The Track 2:44
  • Get Her On The Dance Floor2:52
  • The Thought Of Losing You3:02
  • Old Wasted and White 3:07
  • Woman I Would Die For 2:19
  • Words We Didn't Say4:11
  • The Basic 3:49

​The ​Thomas Taylor Band 

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