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 Recording Studio
Prices ranges to fit your budget and payment plans to help

4 Song Demos $500.00 : Includes 4 songs, Master and 50 Cds Printed Shrink-Wrapped  


10 songs a complete album $3,500 : Includes 10 songs, Master and 200 Cds Printed Shrink-Wrapped, One Photo Shoot the client is responsible for any and all wardrobe and makeup,

one Bio                                                      

Cd Duplications  $400.00 : Includes 200 Cds Printed, Shrink-Wrapped  

RMDCG Recording Studio ready to book? 

Bringing an A-Level experience to Fairlea, Lewisburg, Greenbrier county and surrounding areas RMD Recording Studio is for your success and is set up to help make your projects Kiss "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID" easy and affordable all under one roof even mastering and CD Duplication.

Our List of Equipment
.Steinburg Nuendo 4 with Video Production capabilities and tons of plugins.             
.Mastering program is Steinburg Wave Lab 9.                                                                                
.Mackie Pro FX 20 Channel mixer.                                                                                                       
.Event and Samson monitors.
.12 Behringer Headphone's.
.2 Behringer Headphone amps.
.PreSonus Vocal tube pre-amp.
.Tascam- 2000 interface.
.Behringer 2020 power amp.
.AKG C414, sE 2200a vocal mics.
.Shure pg 58's.
.Shure 57's.
.Shure Beta 52a for that killer deep Kick with no pop.
.Overheads matched stereo Numann KM 184.
.Spider-Man Line 6 amp.
.Marshall DSL15 c amp.
.Grate GX-40c amp.
.Fender Rumble 15in Bass amp.
.Fender Rumble 2-12 bass amp.
.Ampeg BA -108 Bass amp.
.Telecasters Guitars.
.Fender Short and long bass.
.5 Piece Pearl custom Drums. 
.Pearl 3in custom piccolo snare "Merlin". 
.DW 5000 Double bass Kick.
.Roland V 50 Module.
.Ddrum Triggers.
.Simmons SDS500.

With the awesome staff great atmosphere at MRDCG Recording Studio lets us help you be successful for all your recording needs Whether its your Musical career, Pastoral Teachings or taping for your next radio show "Will do our best to work with your budget". Give us a call 681-318-8677 Thanks Merlin                                  

Merlin RMD LLC Studio