• Insane in the Fast Lane2:28
  • Something We Can Do3:08
  • Get By Loving You3:07
  • Amazing You3:00
  • Walk On5:12
  • Love You Anyway I Can3:18
  • Love of Mine3:42
  • Hurtin' Man Blues5:35

With this vibrant array of colors in his arsenal vocalist, songwriter , lead, rhythm guitarist John Combs masterfully paints riffs and songs that comprise his notable signature sound an American blues-rock boogie rebel who plays a mean guitar, howls up a sandstorm and writes a helluva insightful lyrics.

 Born December 19th 1970 in Salem Indiana, moving to Bowling Greene Kentucky with his family. During John’s early years soaking-up  inspiration, John’s influences are anchored in the greatest names of the past including, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Carlos Santana using them to fill his extensive artist's pallet.

By the age twelve encouraged by his older brother James and their mother, John enrolled in guitar lessons studying under Bobby Baldwin, Baldwin is well known for his work with Carlos Santana along with Greg Martin of the Kentucky Head Hunters propel his distinctive lead-guitar talents John would later join Bobby Baldwin’s band “Retrospect” touring many venues throughout Northern Kentucky and bordering states.

After graduation 1988, by aligning unwavering dedication and hard work ethic forming a partnership with independent recording artist “Bobby Neil” co-writing many songs including, “This House Ain’t a Home”,” Just About Time”, “Best Friends "and “I’m Still In Love With You” with the successful song “Hearts Of Fire” recorded for Constellation Records album titled “Bobby Neil Shades”

With a blossoming career that has set John Combs at the top, shocking everyone September 1999 John announced a life changing decision to take a break from music and server his “Country,” spending two years as a M1 Tank loader and being honorable discharged in 2001 he quickly got back into music traveling with the soul gospel group, The Mighty Sensations. Expressing the trials and joys of life and common experiences that communicate to both struggling and thriving. John recorded vocal tracks on a Christian album on a RCA label at TMC/TBN Hendersonville Tennessee, he also wrote and recorded an original for Van Heusen Greeting cards, Recently collaborated musically with Tony Harrell, writing and recording the song that accompany Harrell’s Book, “A Brand New Day”. John Combs is an active member of ASCAP, John has written and co- wrote over a 100 songs among some of his favorite are “Love You Anyway”, “Get By Loving You”, “Hot Shocking Women”, “Here Today Gone Tomorrow” and “Love Of Mine”..
  With high energy performance, powerful entertainment and the melodies reveal compelling themes that connect the audience with the music—fulfilling the most important goal. Music is for people experiencing life along with an up coming album John Combs will rock the house down…

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