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The Merlin  RMD  LLC , company is devoted to the artistic  development and vision of its incredibly talented roster of musicians, bands and artists. 

Key Leaders

Merlin RMD LLC , company has emerged as one of the most innovative leaders in key aspects of

the music industry .



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Artist Development to fit your budget

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Marketing Management with your own Strategy Team 

Seminars on the Entertainment Business Industry

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​The company was created by  Merlin Durham out of Charmco West Virginia, committed to building something unique. Merlin RMD LLC , recognized that the company would play an increasingly important role in every musician’s/artist career.


Today, Merlin RMD LLC , company is known as a taste maker and musical curator, spotting and nurturing a wide range of talented artists and focusing on the longevity of their careers. The agency has a history of seeking out and developing alternative venues, bringing music to previously untapped places, and has established a strong presence at nearly every major festival and music industry event. The company also ensures the most beneficial, seamless deals for its artists and creates new opportunities to bring exciting live performances to fans.


The company’s leadership, risk-taking and passion has led to well-deserved recognition– the company has been honored as a “entertainment and educational " agency . With its growing Performing Bands/Artist  the company now also possesses one of the most diverse rosters of any agency.

Merlin RMD LLC , is developing into one of the strongest up and coming agencies on a international scale.


Smart Goals

Additionally, the agency has responded to the current shifts in the music industry and the heightened importance of live performances in an artist’s career by building services and skills that focus on development, awareness and alternative revenue sources – through technology partnerships, international brand collaboration and more.


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